How to Buy Domain Names

Getting ready to buy a domain name? Understand the process.

There are Many Ways of Getting a Great Domain Name

As discussed on our Getting Started with Domain Names page, when you "get" a domain name, you're technically licensing it from a registry. You have control over it, consistent with that license agreement.

There are many ways of acquiring that domain name, including:

  • Registering it at a registrar such as GoDaddy, Enom or Uniregistry. However, nearly all "good names" are already taken by domain speculators, investors and business people.
  • Purchasing the rights to it at an auction. Occasionally you can get a good deal, but very often prices are bid up high against competition. The name of the game is to get a great, high quality domain at a great price.
  • Purchase the domain from a brokerage site such as Here, we list our own domain portfolio including short domain names, brandable domain names and others. We also select high quality names from trusted investors, where you can inquire and buy top domains.
  • Purchase the domain name directly from another party. You can buy domains from people you know as well as strangers. With larger purchases use services such as to protect your transaction.
  • Purchase the domain name as part of a larger transaction. When you buy a business, buy out someone's project, take over the rights to a product or service, be sure to see if there are any domains associated with it. If there are, negotiate to include the domain name(s) in the deal.


When you acquire the domain name, you will want it pushed into an account in your name at the registrar where it is held (i.e., you and the seller both have free acounts at GoDaddy... just push it between accounts). Alternatively, you can request the EPP keys for the domain name and once you have that, you can push the domain name to any account at any registry (as long as the domain is available for transfer, not expired and not "locked" at the registrar). Check with the individual registrar for details on this.

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