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Launched in 2015, BrandingLane.com is the domain name division of Direct Response Group, the successor to Cydian Technologies, one of the first ICANN accredited registrars.

For more than two decades our management team has operated several domain name websites, offering domain registration, hosting and brokerage. BrandingLane.com is the culmination of those services, offering high quality affordable domain names, including:

  • Short Domain Names. These are typically just a few characters, from 2 to 6 characters in length. These can be great investment domain names, useful short domains for websites and email addresses, and domains for use in Asian markets, where short memorable domains (a few letters and digits) are preferred.
  • Keyword Domain Names. Keyword rich domains can serve two valuable functions. First, they can drive "type in traffic" where people type in what they want and add ".com" to the end. This is often used by less savvy internet users, as well as those who assume that if you have the keyword domain, it "must" be what they want to find. Second, keyword rich domains can provide advantages in the search engines, potentially increasing your rank on keywords contained in the domain name. Of course, the search engines are always in flux and adjust ranking criteria regularly.
  • Brandable Domain Names. Amazon, Uber, Google, Yahoo and others are words or made-up words that have morphed into highly valuable brands (called "brandable domains"). We offer hundreds of great brandable domains for you to review and acquire.

While we will broker domains from time to time, most of the domains offered are part of our private portfolio. This gives you the advantage of being able to discuss domains directly with those who have authority over the domains.

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